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Classic Pink Seersucker Bubble Romper

Classic Pink Seersucker Bubble Romper

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Classically cute! This adorable pink bubble romper by Lil Cactus is soft, cool, and easy to care for. Perfect to wear as is or ready for your embroidery or monogram with its blank front panel. The snaps make it easy for a quick change which is great for you and your cutie.

This style is available in the following colors:

Teal *New Color*
White *New Color*
Light Brown *New Color*

Blue Denim Style
Gray Gingham
Green Seersucker
Red Gingham
Red Seersucker
Brown Gingham
Dark Blue Seersucker
Dark Blue Gingham
Light Blue Seersucker
Pink Seersucker
Purple Gingham
Turquoise Seersucker
Yellow Gingham

Care information

Machine Wash. Gentle

Hang Dry.

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